About Us

As a longtime volunteer involved in my community and surrounding areas, I particularly became concerned about the younger generation, especially the female gender.

Statistics, illustrates that young girls in poverty-stricken areas have a higher risk of becoming pregnant, homeless, and dropping out of school. The health and education of our youth will always be a primary concern of all politicians and parents of any race, religion, and tax bracket.

Before we are able to tackle the big issues of the world, I believe that we start off on a smaller scale. Focus on an area that most people tend to overlook, a child’s self-esteem.

Studies have shown that if a child’s self-esteem is high, they are less likely to follow in a group of their peers, and engage in negative activities. The inner city communities are in need of more positive activities that focus on our young girls.

I watched my daughters enter and win several pageants through out the years. After they competed in those shows, no matter the result, I witnessed a positive change in their attitude. That’s why I decided to start my own pageant named, Naturally You Pageant Inc.