Pageant Events

1. Beauty - Sunday best, flower girl dress, or any formal dress. Dress shoes and socks or stockings. Hair decorations can be added. Music will be provided. Time- 1 minute

2. Tutu Wear - Each contestant will wear a tutu of their choice, and accessorize it. It can be bought in the stores or online. No props. Music will be provided.Time 1 minute

3. Sports/Fitness - Any outfit you use for sports/fitness. Example: Dance, Tennis, Basketball, Cheerleading, etc. Small hand held props allowed, such as: Tennis bracket, Balls, Hoola hoops, etc. You may bring your own music for this. One minute CD. Only one song on CD. Time 1 1/2 mintues

4. Outfit Of Choice (Optional) Any outfit.They can do Routine or Runway modeling. Time- 1 1/2 mintues

5. There will be no photo events, expect the magazine front cover contest.

6. Contestants will be judged on Stage Events Only.